Your signed Therapy Center of New York (TCNY) registration packet includes a copy of TCNY’s Patient Financial Information – Rules & Requirements(please click on the link to review TCNY’s latest rules and requirements for our patients).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the link above for “Patient Financial Information – Rules & Requirements”, which covers the following broad range of questions:

  • How do I contact TCNY?
  • Does my TCNY provider participate in my insurance network?
  • How do I send my new insurance card to TCNY?
  • When does TCNY verify my benefits and inform me of my responsibilities?
  • What are my out-of-network benefits?
  • When are my out-of-pocket payments due?
  • What payment methods does TCNY accept?
  • Can I use my HSA or similar account to pay TCNY?
  • When are non-medical fees applicable?
  • What is TCNY’s cancellation policy?
  • If I do not cancel on time, what is TCNY’s missed-session fee?
  • What are the typical situations where I could be eligible for a refund?
  • What happens if I fail to pay?
  • How does TCNY verify my insurance each New Year?
  • How do I inform TCNY if my insurance has been changed or updated? 
  • What happens when a denied insurance claim cannot be appealed?

In addition, please read below for information on the following important topics: 

How Many Sessions are Required for an Initial Evaluation and Treatment Plan?

The first appointment is only part of the initial evaluation process. Your care provider may also request additional material (including questionnaires and assessments). The initial evaluation period includes the first three (3) sessions, which is the time required for a care provider to determine the feasibility of outpatient care and a proposed treatment plan. At that time, if you are in agreement with the treatment plan, your outpatient treatment program will begin.

Have You Met Your Deductible?

If your out-of-pocket payments have either met or exceeded your deductible for any calendar year, please visit our “Contact Us” page and either call or e-mail to confirm your deductible status. The TCNY administrative team will review your account and advise you of any new payment instructions within three (3) business days.

When Should I Request Prescription Refills?

Prescription refills should be requested during your regularly scheduled sessions for administrative efficiency and expedited processing. Refill requests outside of regularly scheduled sessions are subject to a $50 processing fee (please click on the link above for “Patient Financial Information – Rules & Requirements”), with processing time subject to your doctor's schedule.

Patient Statements & Refund Requests

You may request a patient statement at any time, including to review an outstanding balance due (or) an overpayment situation where you may be owed a refund. Please visit our “Contact Us” page and either call or e-mail to submit your statement request.

TCNY will upload a system-generated patient statement to your patient portal within one (1) business week of your request, as the administrative team needs to ensure that the latest payments received are properly posted into the system and incorporated into your patient statement.

Refunds are primarily issued after you have completed your course of care with a TCNY provider, or for services completed in the prior calendar year (as each calendar year may have different benefits and deductibles). At your request, refunds can be provided by check (via regular mail), direct ACH payment or refund to your credit card on file.

TCNY's Convenient & Fast Patient Portal

We recommend that all our clients sign-up for a patient portal to virtually fill-out and e-sign the telemedicine consent and new client registration forms (see "Patient Forms & Documents" page). When speaking with our intake team, please provide an e-mail address and a portal invite will be e-mailed to you. Patient statements are also provided through the portal on an as-needed basis.