Kalvin Kapoor


With expertise in both medication management and psychotherapy, Dr. Kapoor helps clients develop treatment plans that meet their specific needs.

Dr. Kapoor is a dual board-certified child (ages 12+), adolescent and adult psychiatrist. He works with a broad range of clients facing challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, functional difficulties (work or school), family conflict, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, and those seeking to learn more about themselves.

His style is guided by warmth and flexibility, with a focus on helping clients build insight into their situations and reduce symptoms. Dr. Kapoor creates individualized treatment plans by assessing each client’s goals, life experiences, and biological risk factors. While Dr. Kapoor believes that medication is useful in some cases, he is dedicated to helping his patients achieve lasting change through psychotherapy.


  • Residency, HCA Florida Woodmont Center
  • BS – Biotechnology, Pennsylvania State University
  • DO, Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine